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Chgabriela's Blog

Nu se mai măsoară
De mult timp
În kilometri,
În ecou:
Cu cât ești
Mai departe
Cu atât e
Mai puternic-
Pe vocale.

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Jocuri de lumina si culoare, buchetele de flori la mijlocul verii.

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Speranţa moare ultima

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Scila şi Caribda

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Beautiful Romania : Father Arsenie Boca Cell.

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Simple & Interesting

27Chilia Parintelui Arsenie Boca, Muntii Fagaras, ROMANIA.At Prislop Monastery in Romania situated near Ancient Dacia in an outstanding landscape, a wood cross is reigning over a tomb covered with flowers in permanent blooming. The man buried inside is an unknown miracle; Father Arsenie Boca, one of the greatest illuminates of Orthodoxy, considered a saint by all the fortunate souls who had the chance to meet him during their lifetime. Strong, unshaken in faith, he passed the “red” desserts of atheism and the terrors of the communist prisons without deviating from the righteous path he followed along with many Christians. Adored by people for his sermons and miracles, feared by the authorities of the times due to his high influence, Father Arsenie died as a martyr; yet the trail of light he left to us is blinking even in our days among us.Father Arsenie Boca came into this world in a small village in the…

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Eine Frage der Perspektive

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